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Students' comments

"I've been in need of glasses for the last five years, and only recently got my prescription. It's been one of the biggest changes in how I see the world, second only to Noah's classes."
Alain Champagne

"Noah is an astonishing artist who we are incredibly fortunate to have in our little community of Victoria. Apart from actually being able to “do it”, he’s able to demonstrate it in every class, inspiring and instructing others in the process.  As a veteran of three colleges, two art schools and having supported myself as a commercial artist fairly handsomely over nearly half a century, I think I’ve got the credentials to support my incredibly high estimation of the man."
Laura Corsiglia

"I have taken both portrait painting and drawing from Noah Layne and found him to be not only a brilliant artist but an exceptional teacher. He is both kind and patient but most importantly I have noticed an improvement in my skill level. I intend to take more classes from him."
Mary Conley

"Noah is an excellent draughtsman and a caring and attentive teacher. I studied drawing with Noah for a year and learned a lot of techniques which greatly improved my representational drawing. I highly recommend his class to anyone looking to enhance their observational skills-the knowledge will benefit your artistic practice immensely!"
Melanie Furtado

"Your Cast Drawing Program has been an immense boost to my artistic skills!
Blocking in seems to come more naturally, and I am now surprised that my initial lines are often correct! I am far more aware of things to look for in the form: proportions, relationships, where and how different elements line up. I think the biggest improvements for me is the understanding of tonal values, and how our brain tricks us into thinking an area is darker or lighter than it really is, depending on what values are adjacent to it. And how the slightest change in tone can make a huge difference in the form being rendered. Learning how light on a form works, with form shadows, cast shadows and reflected light has really helped me 'see' and understand what I am looking at, and greatly improved my ability to render whatever I want to render. I see my skills improving in so many ways. I look at old drawings and paintings I've done and see mistakes I had not seen before. 

"I signed up for the first semester of Cast Drawing with some hesitation, as it was a largish commitment of both time and money, and I didn't really know what I was in for. But when I saw how much I was improving, I was hooked, and will complete the three semester program, and more if offered. The time in each class flies by in a supportive and fun atmosphere. The individual attention you give; coaching, guiding, giving suggestions is invaluable. Even if I had the discipline to tackle these projects at home, I would not be learning  half as much. I would and do recommend your program to any artist wanting to improve rendering skills. The highest quality teaching, well worth the investment!"
Robin D

"Over the years Noah has honed remarkable skills as an extremely competent and talented artist and teacher.  He strives to ensure that both of these attributes along with a subtle sense of humour are portrayed in every one of his most enjoyable classes." 
Grant Parker

Cast drawing student.
"Am loving this programme and look forward to the next semester.
The classes have been a very different experience: the studio set -up and the fact that we are each working on different projects at different speeds give a wonderful sense that 'it's you and the subject' and the rest of the world melts away.  "Every drawing is a strange adventure ... you sit in front of something you are supposedly familiar with and off you go, discovering why things look the way they do and how a skilled artist can bring it all onto the paper, and how what you thought was familiar is really not familiar at all. It's quite amazing! As the skill grows, you can actually see more."

"I have taken portrait and figure drawing, and portrait and still life oil painting classes with Noah Layne.  He is not only a master of his art, but a great teacher as well.  He clearly explains the process to complete a drawing or painting, and his demonstrations are what I needed to tie his teaching to my practice.  Noah's comments on your class practice is invaluable.  I have made great progress since taking his classes, and plan to continue.  He is a teacher that anyone interested in improving his or her art really should study from.  Thanks Noah!"
Jim Genovese

"I'm enjoying the cast drawing class and I think you're a tremendous teacher!
I know that I've learned a lot so far and my concentration and my ability to see has steadily improved. Although I wish I were improving more quickly I appreciate that I need to accept where I'm at right now and to work slowly and steadily. 'Small steps lead to big changes.' " 

"I have taken a Portrait Drawing class and a Long Pose Figure Drawing class with Noah. Noah is patient and caring and provides ample individual attention to each student. His classes are an asset to anyone interested in representational art no matter what their skill level. He provides excellent studio conditions with a well lit model and a supportive environment. These classes are an invaluable opportunity to do long poses from life with knowledgeable instruction."
Claudia Weiss

"J'ai suivi 2 classes avec Noah, portrait et dessin avec modèle.  Apprendre avec Noah c'est élever votre niveau de confort, de confiance et de compétence lors du dessin de modèle vivant.  Il nous guide pour comprendre le corps humain en trois dimensions afin de pouvoir reproduire la forme peu importe la pose du modèle.  Il devient facile d'apprendre les techniques pour obtenir une silhouette vivante et convaincante!  Son humour et son accueil chaleureux contribue à créer une ambiance magique! Merci Noah pour ce moment fantastique!"

I followed two classes with Noah, portrait and model drawing. Noah helped me in three ways; gaining confidence, feeling more comfortable and being technically better at drawing. He guided me in understanding the human body in a three dimensional perspective, so I could be able to reproduce the model no matter the pose. He is great at teaching the techniques to draw a living and convincing silhouette. His sense of humor and his warmth contribute to create a magical atmosphere! Thanks Noah for this fantastic moment!

"Noah is an encouraging and kind teacher, and I have enjoyed taking his portrait and life drawing classes.  The critiques are extremely helpful and my drawing skills have improved substantially.  I highly recommend his classes and will continue to take more."
Kim Thornber

"I am a working artist who has never taken any formal art instruction, and was delighted therefore to recently attend one of Noah Layne’s life drawing classes. Having seen drawings and paintings by Noah Layne in Artist Magazine as well as online I was impressed by his precise technique and cleanly creative style.   Noah's demonstration are very instructive, but he also provides each student with specific help and encouragement during the student drawing portion of the class. For artists at any level I can say without any hesitation that taking one of his classes is a very rewarding experience." 
Jerry Davidson

"I have had the opportunity to take two of Noah's workshops. The first was "Portrait Drawing" the other was "Portrait Painting". I was very pleased with what I learned in both classes. Noah is a wonderful instructor, very well prepared and very generous with his time and knowledge. I would highly recommend Noah's classes and would definitely consider taking another class in the future." 
Sharlene A. Stushnov

"Noah is a helpful and gifted instructor. I enjoyed his outdoor painting workshop and left feeling more confident about direct painting outdoors. I highly recommend Noah's classes."
Gerry Vaulkhard

"Noah is a teacher in the true sense.  He observes, appreciates and values where each of his students are at, then offers suggestion and direction appropriate to let the artistic lessons he knows come naturally and internally to them, rather than forcing exercises or instigating reproductions.  This sharp perception is reflected in his own art, where flawless rendition of form is matched by appreciation and portrayal of a subject's inner magic.  A fantastic artist and teacher, I can't recommend Noah enough."
Greg Horne

"Thank you so much for your wonderful class. It was such a great experience. You are a terrific teacher who has an ability to instill confidence in the learner. I look forward to many more classes with you" 
Deborah Thoun

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